Principals Message

Dear Classical School Family,

I am extremely honored to serve as the principal of Classical Magnet School (CMS). I look forward to your support as we work together to provide the best education for every student placed in our charge. I already know of your dedication and willingness to always “go the extra mile” on behalf of your school and that makes me extremely proud and excited to be your instructional leader.

Classical has already made great progress in ensuring that all students are given every opportunity to perform at their best!  Additionally, our graduates are attending prestigious colleges and are doing extremely well. Our mission is clear, “we learn not for school, but for life.”  Through a rigorous liberal arts curriculum steeped in the western culture; opportunities for sports, drama, and the arts; and our afterschool enrichment program; every student has the opportunity to become a well-rounded citizen. 

By maintaining high expectations for achievement, for character, for community and for personal responsibility we take pride in meeting our collective vision of preparing all students for post-secondary life.  Our entire staff and teachers are dedicated and committed to the success of every child. We realize that there is still much work to do. As our population changes we must seek new and innovative ways to meet the diverse needs of our students. This year, we will endeavor to build on our successes while we maintain our commitment to excellence.
I know our school is up to the challenge. We value all our students, parents and community members. Join us as we work together to give the best education we can to all of our students. Parents, please stay involved and reach out to your child’s teacher, counselor, or administrator for any assistance you might need during the school year.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Zandralyn Gordon